Why responsive design is essential for Inbound Marketing?

The basic idea behind a Responsive design website is easy viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices-desktop,tablets,smartphones,ipads etc, without any fuss of resizing or extra scrolling. Its not a new concept but it is still not being practiced very commonly.

ZACH CUTLER’s post on Entrepreneur mentions responsive design website as one of the things that companies need to do to adapt to the evolving online space

According to a report from Walker Sands, mobile web traffic is up 133 percent since the first quarter of 2012. People visiting sites are also buying, if not quite as voraciously as their counterparts on computers. Numbers from eMarketer found mobile consumers make up for about 15 percent of online sales, and this number is expected to jump to 25 by 2017.
Obviously, building a responsive mobile experience for consumers is the easiest way to encourage and cultivate mobile-buying behavior.

When it comes to inbound marketing the most important step is to convert visitors into leads.
And if your website is not giving your visitors a smooth user experience, the chances of them staying on your site are very
less. (Forget about them converting into leads)

Check out the full post below:

Drive Sales With a Website That’s Adapted for an Evolving Online Space

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