Marketing a product with a long buying cycle

If you are marketing a product or service that has a long buying cycle inbound marketing can make the process run smoothly for your company. Inbound marketing is one of the latest trends in marketing that is truly getting results for those companies that embrace it.

A long sales cycle can be a benefit to your company. This long process gives you the opportunity for multiple contacts with the prospect and multiple opportunities to provide them with valuable information that will induce him to purchase your product or service.

Here are four ways in which inbound marketing can help if your company has a long buying cycle.

1 – Rate Your Buyers

Prospects do not always conform to your timetable. They will buy on their own time and you have to be ready. Using this online marketing technique you will be able to determine the readiness of each prospect. With this information you can devote more time to those prospects that are closer to making a buying decision.

 2 – Deliver Content At The Right Time

Each stage of the buying process requires focused content that will persuade them to move on to the next stage. Your content will be more general in the beginning stages and them become more company and product specific as your prospect gets closer to making a buying decision.

 3 – Nurture Prospects

When implemented correctly, your inbound marketing strategy will nurture your prospects along the buying cycle. Think of it as leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for your prospect to follow with the final destination of a sale.

4 – Get The Right Data

By tracking your prospects you will be receive valuable data that will allow you to focus your efforts and resources to those prospects that are closest to making a buying decision. When buyers are ready to buy your window of opportunity is very short. If you do not act quickly the  prospect may turn to one of your competitors.

By engaging inbound marketing agencies that are certified in these marketing techniques any business can increase their sales no matter how long the sales cycle. They can also help you analyze your customer data and help you create content that speaks directly to them.

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