How Inbound Marketing helps fuel your Sales team?

A happy sales team is a productive sales team. And a productive sales team will bring in more profits to your company. Therefore, it is important to have a happy sales team. One way to keep them happy is by using Inbound Marketing.

Nothing hurts the morale of a sales team more than receiving weak, unqualified leads that will never turn into sales. This type of marketing helps alleviate that problem by identifying those prospects that are more inclined to buy.

Whether you are marketing products or services here are three ways that Inbound Marketing can fuel your sales team and keep them happy.

1. Collecting More Leads
Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business. These marketing efforts are relatively inexpensive and work 24/7. One of the biggest lead generators is offering a free eBook. A recent study by HubSpot indicates that a free eBook offer will generate twice as many clicks as an offer for a free Webinar.

2. Lead nurturing
If you are marketing a product in an industry that has a long buying cycle a person who downloads an eBook might not be ready to buy just then. By using inbound marketing you can nurture the prospect along the buying cycle and be there when they are ready to buy. It is all about getting the right information to the prospect at the right time to convince him that your product or service is the answer to his problem.

By using an automated series of emails you can easily nurture your prospect until he or she is ready to buy.

3. Track Your Prospects
Every salesperson wants to get that one “hot” prospect, the one that has his checkbook already out and wants your product. By using these marketing efforts you can track your prospects as the move along the sales cycle (or drop off entirely) and deliver them to your sales team at just the right time.

No matter what Inbound Marketing technique you utilize you should make this an integral part of your total marketing efforts going forward. It will allow your sales team to close more sales and increase your profitability.

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