Got a blog on your website? Great. Here is how you can analyse its performance and keep a check on your ROI!

Experts say a blog is the best way to attract potential customers to your site and generate leads. Blogging is an integral part of Inbound Marketing. Thus, it is important to manage your blog effectively.

But you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Here are some questions from a nice article on ‘SocialMedia Today’ to get you started on analysing the performance of your blog.

How much of our site traffic is to the blog (and what are the sources)?
The first thing you’ll want to ask about is this. How much and from which sources (e.g. social media, referrals, direct traffic, organic, etc.). Is the percentage growing?

Which are the most popular blog posts?
This will tell you a lot about what people are looking for and what are they finding helpful.

What is the blog’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate?
The higher the better.
But don’t stop there – which individual blog posts are generating more leads? They might not necessarily be the most popular.

How are the blog’s calls-to-action performing?
A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a website button, image, text link that encourages a visitor to take an action by typically clicking on the button, visiting a landing page and filling out a form in return for some kind of content.
Every blog post should include a CTA for an offer behind a landing page. That’s how the blog generates leads. With A/B testing, you should continuously pit one CTA against another to see which one performs better. Don’t stop testing.

How are the blog leads trending?
These are the leads generated via the blog, of course. And while you want to keep an eye on the blog conversion rate (above), you still need to be growing the total number of leads from the blog. If you’re not hitting your blog lead goals, ask your team to dig further into the analytics for a diagnosis.

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