10 brilliant marketing strategies in 2014 for all marketing professionals

As the economy strengthens, marketing strategies become more affordable, but to be a leading marketer, you do not need a massive budget. Here follows a list with easy-to-use marketing strategies that could put you on a fast track to success in 2014.

1. Foresee Change

The levels of success your business reach, will forever come under fire from change in your industry. You cannot repeat what you have been doing year after year. It is mostly innovative, aggressive competitors and the ever-changing technology that makes this possible. If you foresee change successfully and prepare for it, your business will reach higher levels of success. Be constantly on the lookout for signs of change.

2. Add Something New Frequently

By frequently adding something new and innovative to your present business setup, you create opportunities for an increase in sales.

3. Make Use of More Video

Making marketing videos are one of the effective online marketing strategies. You can put together roughly edited videos with any small handheld camera, which will usually rate much higher on YouTube than other more professionally produced videos.

4. Hire Interns

Marketing strategies like this one allows you to effortlessly market and promote your business in various countries or regions at once. You do not have to pay an intern, but it is recommended that you do pay them legitimately, which will ensure that you obtain the best marketing students.

5. Develop Into a Helpful Resource

If you can develop into a very helpful resource for customers and business prospects, it will increase opportunities for sales. Help them to do important things easier, faster, and less costly, for instance, and you will enhance your business. Supply free information regularly, which will increase their trust in you and your business.

6. Geo-Target Paid Search Results

Geo-targeting, or localization of PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to very specific areas, allows you to buy important keywords at a much cheaper cost, while still ranking higher than many big companies in the search results for those areas. A good example would be if you buy the keyword “Italian restaurant NYC” instead of “restaurant”

7. Start a Marketing Cooperative

Cross-marketing goods and services with other small businesses in your industry allow you to combine your customer base with theirs. In addition, you could swap email databases to expand your direct email campaign, which includes no extra costs.

Furthermore, organize frequent interesting and engaging events via social media. This gives you an opportunity to connect personally with your customers and fans without the usual sales pitches. If you have a restaurant, organize a “cooking event” or show, or a fashion business could have a weekly “fashion tips” show.

8. Offer Branded Gift Cards

Do you know that many credit card processing firms could assist you with the setting up and selling of your own branded gift cards? Make use of this instead of the traditional gift certificate offers that most companies hand out.

9. Share Free Samples or Trials of Products or Services

Giving away free samples of your products or services is one of the most powerful marketing approaches which are being followed successfully since a long time. When you give a customer a free taste of what your company offers and if your offering is good then he will be lining up to buy them from you.

10. Separate Your Business from the Competition

If you create reasons for customers to visit your business and buy from you instead of the competition, it will increase your business projection. Provide faster results, a better guarantee, or easier procedures, for example.

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